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School Profile

School Profile

Alta Loma High School Profile


8880 Baseline Rd.
Alta Loma, CA 91701
(909) 989-5511 (909) 941-7083 (fax)
Websites: www.altalomahigh.com and www.alhs.cjuhsd.net


Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
2016 US News & World Report Silver Medalist - Best High Schools in the US

(Six year granted in June 2013)

2016-2017 SCHOOL


Principal: James T. Cronin

Assistant Principals: Gayle Ross, Jason Nicastro, Todd Logue, Dr. Lino Gomez-Cerrillo

Counselors: Bob Anderson, Jacy Carbone, Sherry Grasso, Jeanette Hooton, Leanna McConnell, Janine Houk


Alta Loma High School is one of eight comprehensive high schools within the Chaffey Joint Union High School District and one of the top ten high schools in San Bernardino County as measured by the Academic Performance Index. Established in 1963, Alta Loma offers a solid academic, athletic, and fine/performing arts curriculum. The school is located in the suburban, predominantly middle class community of Rancho Cucamonga approximately 45 miles east of Los Angeles. Alta Loma is a public, comprehensive high school including grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. Students attend two semesters per year on a traditional schedule. Students typically take six classes per semester for a total of 30 credits. Each class period is 52 minutes long.

Students attend a 28-minute Academy period in the middle of the day. There are four components to this program: a freshmen transition program, enrichment activities, tutorials, and studying and reading settings. Each Friday is a late start day when meetings, collaboration, and staff in-services are scheduled. The only minimum days scheduled are the day after Back to School Night in August and three at the end of each semester for school-wide final examinations. In addition to the core and elective courses taken by our students, the school offers a full athletic program, as well as instrumental, vocal music, drama, art, and dance.



English 4 years; Mathematics 2 years; Physical Science 1 year; Life Science 1 year; World History 1 year; US History 1 year; Physical Education 2 years; Government 1 semester; Economics 1 semester; Foreign Language or Fine Arts 1 year; Computer Studies 1 semester; Focus Area (taken from Fine Arts, Business Education, Home Economics, Industrial Technology, Foreign Language) 2 years; Electives 4 years (65 or 70 credits).


HONORS/Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement courses (15): AP English Literature, AP Language and Composition, AP Calculus, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP World History, AP US History, AP Government, AP Economics, AP Spanish Language, AP Spanish Literature, AP Studio Art, AP Art History, AP Two-Dimensional Design, AP Computer Science.
Honors courses (9): English I, English II, Integrated Math II, II/III, Pre-Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy.



Five credits are granted for completion of semester courses. 2.5 credits are granted for quarter courses (ELD). Students typically are enrolled in 6 classes each semester.



Rank is calculated at the end of every semester grading period using the grade point average of all marks earned in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Rank is weighted with an extra point given in any Honors and AP courses for a grade of C or higher.



A = 4/5 B = 3/4 C = 2/3 D = 1/1 F = 0  



Academy – Designed by Alta Loma teachers & staff, our new Academy Schedule will increase academic achievement, offer more individualized help from teachers and peers, and help students build social relationships at school. This extra time is built in so students can get tutoring, help from teachers, and help from peers within the school day. The Academy Schedule involves 4 components: Brave Academy, Brave Study, Brave Tutorial, and Brave Activities.  Students will be placed into one of these four areas during Academy time.

Brave Academy is designed to assist all 9th graders in making a successful transition from junior high to high school. It is an opportunity for students to build social relationships, work on and get help with assignments, and become familiar with the culture of the school. All freshmen will automatically be enrolled in and will attend this class Monday through Thursday. Link Crew students will be assigned Brave Academy to each class to provide freshmen with mentorship, guidance, and academic support.

Brave Study offers students additional time during the school day to study, work on homework, read, or get help from a teacher or a peer. Most sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be enrolled in this program.

Brave Tutorial will offer students who are struggling in a particular subject area additional time and tutoring. They will be able to receive help from a teacher and peer tutors in that content area. Students will be enrolled in this program if they are a sophomore, junior or senior and identified as in need of extra help as evidenced by their grades.

Brave Activities will enable eligible sophomore, junior, and senior students to participate in activities such as Link Crew, National Honor Society, Best Buddies, Academic Decathlon, and other activities during this time.

Other academic support – In addition to the Academy Program, ALHS offers on-line credit recovery and grade remediation programs, an after school tutoring center, peer-to-peer tutoring, and an academic Saturday school program.  All students and parents also have access to School Loop, a web-based program that provides access to current grades, tools to communicate with teachers, and other features that foster home-to-school communication efforts and academic support.  Alta Loma High School started an AVID program in 2013 and continued with its third cohort in 2015.  Twenty-four teachers have attended AVID Summer Institutes in the last three years.

Athletics - ALHS has a comprehensive athletics program that includes fourteen sports. It competes in the Mt. Baldy League, a league comprised of 6 comprehensive high schools geographically located in the foothill region. 

Extra-curricular activities  -  ALHS offers a wide array of activities and encourages students to get involved in something that interests them.  These include ASB, Renaissance, Link Crew, Cheer, along with over 20 clubs and organizations.

Publications/Communications Alta Loma High School’s journalism course seeks to develop student journalists and editors who are trained to engage and question the world around them responsibly, reasonably, and creatively. The “Brave Times” staff focuses its efforts on informing the school about local and school news. The class publishes 10-12 issues a year including a special issue for the seniors.    The yearbook, Sisunga, is published annually.  Students work throughout the year to compile photographs and stories.  They design a book using Adobe software.  Students develop skills in writing, photography, graphic design, and theme development.  There is also a Digital video program that produces broadcasts throughout the year.

Performing and Fine Arts – Alta Loma High School has a an award winning comprehensive performing and fine arts department which includes full time instructors in Dance, Drama, Choral and Instrumental Music, and Art, Ceramics, and Photography.  The programs are taught according to state frameworks focusing not only on performances but on comprehensive arts education.  In addition to the traditional performance based ensembles the music program also offers guitar and piano classes. Alta Loma High School is proud of the wide variety of course offerings and the success our students have achieved in their discipline.

Library Media Center – The goal of the Alta Loma High School Library is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information, and to inspire a love of reading. The library plan is to support the curriculum and California State Standards by providing appropriate print and non-print materials, to provide students the use of current technology, and to provide opportunities for students to read study and work on their assigned research projects. Classes are scheduled on a regular basis to utilize the 35 student computers with internet access, the more than 18,000 library and reference books, 10 magazine subscriptions, and online database subscriptions.  The collaborative efforts between the Teacher Librarian and Classroom Teacher help to ensure students understand the research process while completing a variety of relevant and meaningful projects. The library is open to students before and after school, and during both lunches.



SAT Mean Scores

Year Critical Reasoning Math Writing Total mean
2009 495 510 486 1492
2010 508 523 492 1522
2011 507 524 504 1535
2012 485 514 472 1471
2013 495 501 478 1474
2014 492 499 482 1473



PSAT Test Takers

2010 319
2011 520
2012 467
2013 498
2014 457
2015 TBA


 ACT Composite Scores   

2007 23.6
2008 22.6
2009 21.8
2010 23.1
2011 23.5
2012 21.0
2013 22.7
2014 22.5
2015 21.4
2016 21.9

Percent of ACT-Tested Students Ready for College-Level Course Work

2013/2014/2015/2016 College English Composition 85%/75%/68%/71%
  College Algebra 62%/59%/54%/57%
  College Social Science 53%/53%/49%/50%
  College Biology 44%/43%/43%/37%
  Meeting all 4 30%/30%/32%/28%

 # of Test Takers: '13 - 98, '14 - 133, '15 - 136, '16 - 123                   


Academic Performance Index                              

2007 761
2008 759
2009 783
2010 783
2011 797
2012 808
2013 791
2014 798
2015 The STAR test has been suspended in the state of California

CAHSEE Pass Rates

Test 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
English 86% 87% 85% 91% 90% 89% 90% 91%
Math 82% 86% 90% 91% 90% 87% 92% 91%

Grad Rate        

2007 94.6%
2008 92.3%
2009 92.2%
2010 93.14%
2011 90.83%
2012 92.3%
2013 93.1%
2014 91.5%
2015 94.9%

Percent of Graduates who met UC/CSU A-G Requirements

2007 19.1%
2008 23%
2009 24.3%
2010 25%
2011 29.9%
2012 32%
2013 43%
2014 51%
2015 59%
2016 68%