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Alta Loma High School
Hours: 7:15-3:45
(909) 989-5511

Administration Office

Alta Loma High School Administrators

Mr. Jason Kaylor
Tracey Reynaga, Administrative Secretary
Mr. Adam Stites
Assistant Principal of Instruction
Cynthia Johnson, Instruction Secretary
Ms. Gayle Ross
Assistant Principal of Achievement
Julie Thams, Achievement Secretary
Dr. Jonathan Brownbridge
Assistant Principal of Educational Services
Leslie Pagano, Educational Services Secretary
Mr. MarLan Parker
Assistant Principal of Discipline
Mondi Dechenne, Discipline Secretary
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Jonathan Brownbridge (909) 989-5511 ex: 2026 Assistant Principal, Ed Services
Mondara Dechenne ex: 2031 Discipline Secretary
Cynthia Johnson ex: 2023 Instruction Secretary
Jason Kaylor (909) 989-5511 ex: 2020 Principal
Leslie Pagano ex: 2027 Activities Secretary
Tracey Reynaga ex: 2021 Principal's Secretary
Gayle Ross (909) 989-5511 ex: 2024 Assistant Principal, Achievement
Adam Stites (909) 989-5511 ex: 2022 Assistant Principal, Instruction
Julie Thams ex: 2025 Guidance Secretary