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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Note: 10 credits equal one year, 5 credits per class or semester

English 40 semester credits
Mathematics 20 semester credits including completion of Algebra
Science 20 semester credits (10 Physical Science, 10 Life Science)
Social Studies 30 semester credits (10 World History/Culture, 10 U.S. History, 5 Government, 5 Economics)
Physical Ed 20 semester credits (10 Ninth grade, 10 Tenth grade**)
Computer Science 5 semester credits or pass competency test
Fine Arts/Foreign Language 10 semester credits in either Foreign Lang. or Fine Arts***
Electives 65 or 70 semester credits
Focus Area Requirement 20 additional semester hours in a specific area of focus. These are: Fine Arts***, Business Education, Foreign Language, Industrial Arts, Academic/College - 20 additional credits in core academic areas that enable a student to meet the course entrance requirements of UC/CSU, ROP courses that are focus area categories or an approved career pathway.


230 total semester units are required to meet graduation requirements

Students must take and pass a course or a skills-based examination to demonstrate technical competence.