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Teacher Tutoring

Students may contact each teacher to seek teacher time for one on one help.

homework help

Video Tutorials (most subjects)

Khan Academy



Rancho Cucamonga Public Library

Math/Science Hotline & Online Support

Harvey Mudd (877) 827-5462

Learn Genetics

"Crash Course" on YouTube

Boze Man Science

Vocabulary Practice


Spanish help

Duo Lingo


After School Tutoring

After School Tutoring
Monday - Thursday
3:00-4:00  in the Library

Tutoring & Academic Tips

After School Tutoring



academic tools and resources

Tips to Improve Your Academic Performance

  • Schedule specific Daily Homework Time - Designate a spot that allows you to concentrate. Turn off all electronics!
  • Attend Tutoring - Speak with your teachers and schedule tutoring with them or attend our free tutoring sessions (see below for hours and locations). Take advantage of Project Success Saturday Sessions!
  • Get phone numbers from students in your classes. Contact them if you have questions or organize a study session.
  • Get organized by using a planner! Write your homework in your planner and record future test dates and due dates. Highlight each assignment after you complete it. Keep track of your grades in all of your classes and check School Loop. Organize assignments by designating a spot in your binder for completed work.
  • Ask for help! We are all here to help you be successful! Talk to your teachers, counselors and parents.


ALHS Tutoring Opportunities (All Subjects):

Monday/Wednesday 3 - 4 Room 19
Tuesday/Thursday 3 - 4 Room 209

Room Teacher Days Times Math Levels
19 Mr. Moreno M-Th 4th Pd, 3-4 M & W IM 3
200 Ms. Bachman M-Th 3 - 4  or 4th Pd ICM, IM 3, Pre-Calc
201 Mr. Pasquarella M-Th 2nd Lunch IM 1
202 Mr. Lopez M & W 3 - 4 IM 1, IM 2
203 Ms. Cedre T & Th 3 - 4 or 4th Pd IM 1, IM 2
204 Mrs. Gurney M-Th 7:15-8:00, M-F 4th Pd IM 1, IM2
205 Mr. Herbelin M -Th before/after school by appt. IM 2
206 Mr. Wolski M-Th 7:30-8, 3-3:30 IM 3, Fin. Alg
207 Mr. Shehan M-Th 7:30-8, 3-3:45 IM 2, Fin. Alg
208 Ms. Pope T & Th 3-3:45 IM 2, Pre-Calc
209 Mrs. Rodriguez T & Th 3-3:45 IM 2, IM 3, Pre-Calc
210 Mr. Conway M-Th 4th Pd ICM, Pre-Calc, Calc
211 Mr. Williams M-Th 4th Pd, 7:30-8 Stats, IM 2
212 Mr. Mora T & Th 3 - 4 IM 3, IM 1
213 Mr. Alexander M-Th 7:15-8, 3-3:45 IM 3


Tutoring and Academic Tips (PDF)

Academy Tutoring

Tutoring is available for some subjects during Academy time on a space available basis.